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I am Coach Veronica Jackson; prior teacher and administrator, McDonald’s general manager, business executive, realtor, fitness instructor and much more! What do all these titles have in common? I love to help others! Lots of degrees, married, white picket fence, kids, nice house, great upbringing, was it all perfect? No, it was not perfect!!! Is there such a thing as perfection when we are human? I have had some tough challenges, married twice, divorced twice, a child incarcerated, I worked for companies who taught me a lot but who also took advantage of me. I am not bitter; I’m better and now realize these things are part of my story and I can use my past along with my talents to help others. There were days, weeks, months, maybe even years where it was tough to even get up! Yet, life’s lemons have made me a better person and provides me the blessing to help others in a non-judgmental way. These lessons inspired me to create Mindset Matters More a Coaching and Consulting practice. I would love to guide you to use your knowledge, talents, strengths and past successes to help you see the answers are within you!! Please click the link for a free discovery call. I would love to help! Let’s begin your journey, your story to growth and evolution. Are you ready? Do not say later? You are here for a reason! Let’s begin now because…Mindset Matters More! I would love to help!! Please complete your information for a free discovery call!


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We Teach You How To Coach Yourself

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